Paranautical Activity Slot Machine Showcase

by Mike

Just a little something we’ve been working on for 1.9. 

PA 1.8.1 minipatch

by Mike

Small little patch dropped today. Is live already on most platforms. Should be live shortly on Humble, Groupees, GamersGate, and Desura as well.

The changelog is as follows:

  • fixed floor staying dark when falling through a hole in a dark floor

  • fixed boss health bar staying on screen when falling through a floor during a boss fight

  • fixed mermaid killing herself

  • fixed snail randomly damaging player until they die

  • fixed not returning to menu after credits end

  • fixed the golden scissors powerup removing the scissors item

  • fixed problem that was causing occasional stuttering

  • fixed crosshair showing up in credits

  • fixed occasionally being able to see up into the level after fallingthrough a hole

  • fixed shop corners not touching

  • fixed being able to escape the elevator after sending it to the nextfloor

  • fixed powerups intersecting objects

  • added more fanart to the credits

  • added proper credit for sound effects

  • added davy jones locker item to item pool

  • added unique sounds for each powerup

  • tweaked rocket sound to make it quieter

  • tweaked (SECRET SPOILER) explosive barrels to make themsometimes drop bombs and the blast shield item

  • tweaked special room (armory&trap room) frequency. made themmore rare

Added proper credit for all the sounds we got off freesound.org for PA. We didn’t properly credit them before because I’m an idiot and don’t know what I’m doing. 

Added proper credit for all the sounds we got off freesound.org for PA. We didn’t properly credit them before because I’m an idiot and don’t know what I’m doing. 

Paranautical Activity V1.8 is out NOW! (it’s about time)

by Mike

It took longer than I thought, but it is HUGE. The biggest patch we’ve ever released adds so much content we might as well call it Paranautical Activity 2.

The great log of changes:

  • added 2 new superweapons

  • added 11 new items

  • added 2 new OST tracks

  • added 3 new powerups

  • added 3 new bosses

  • added 2 new enemies

  • added weapon sway

  • added dark floors

  • added bottomless pit floors

  • added armory rooms

  • added trap rooms

  • added 42 new room varieties

  • added pillars

  • fixed firerate being broken when switching between super and

  • regular weapons

  • fixed canobeans?

  • fixed collision errors regarding particle effects and bullets

  • fixed spiders glitching through walls preventing the completion of

  • some bosses

  • fixed being able to escape a room after activating it, locking

  • yourself out

  • nerfed piracy

  • buffed cherry bombs

  • tweaked player icon on map to make it easier to see

  • tweaked david bowie class, added superweapon

  • tweaked tank class, added superweapon

  • tweaked hanz boss item drops

The patch is currently live on most platforms, and should be live in the coming hours everywhere. Just waiting on approval for some sites.

I’m still working with steam to fix the linux version not downloading properly, so it will be a day or so before that’s ready. As always linux users can email us and get a key for the humble version so they can play the game right now. 

I’m getting reports that the linux build is live and functional! It’s a bit buggy, so I’ll have to work on it a bit for next patch, but you should definitely be able to play. :D

Final patch notes for 1.8. It will be releasing in the coming days.

Edit: No idea why I posted a screenshot of a text document rather than copy pasting the changelog. 

Final patch notes for 1.8. It will be releasing in the coming days.

Edit: No idea why I posted a screenshot of a text document rather than copy pasting the changelog. 

by Mike

Paranautical Activity will be receiving 2 additional patches after 1.8.

After that it will be considered finished, and properly released.

This is not us abandoning the game, this is us finishing it. Sorry to those of you who were confused by trolls misrepresenting Travis’ statements.

I don’t want to hear any more brainless libel on the subject.

by Mike

It seems some of you are under the impression that the update isn’t out yet because we’ve just decided to be lazy and not work on the game. I guess this is a little bit our fault.

We made the mistake of working 80+ hours a week for the first year of development, setting unrealistic expectations for development pace. We pushed out huge updates really quickly because we were insanely inspired and excited to work on the game. We also were fortunate enough to not have anything getting in the way of developing all day every day.

Now we’re over a year into development. We’re at the final stretch and things are slowing down. We’ve both got stuff going on outside development, but we’re working over 40 hours a week. I’d still call that a lot, but it’s noticeably slower and I apologize for that.

To address some specific concerns: me streaming, tweeting, ect happens in my off time. Believe it or not, I’m a person and I exist when I’m not writing code. Sometimes I exist streaming with my friends. Sometimes I exist tweeting while code compiles or I’m having a lunch break. Sometimes I exist when I’m out tweeting pictures of diner milkshakes. That doesn’t interfere with development, and harassing me because of it is a pretty shitty thing to do. So don’t fucking do it.

Travis and I are both still working plenty hard, and the patch will be out when it’s out. We keep adding more content to it to make it even cooler, so our release estimates keep getting blown out of the water. I’d rather release a big exciting patch than a bunch of little boring ones. I’m not gonna make the mistake of trying to put another date on it, but there will be an update and it will be great.

I understand that the complaints are coming from a vocal minority, and I appreciate all of you patiently waiting for the patch. I do think that the concerns were worth addressing though. Hopefully this shed some light on the current situation.

Paranautical Activity Update Update

by Mike

Hey guys, just a quick update to let yall know that we’re still alive and the update is still happening. Life has been throwing lots of curveballs at us lately, which has slowed down the patch a bit, but it’s definitely still happening. It’s going to be the largest patch the game has ever seen, and change the game in lots of huge and great ways, so hopefully it’ll be worth the wait! 

Paranautical Activity Update

by Mike

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, the multiplayer patch didn’t come out on the 14th. We realized shortly before the scheduled release of the patch that mutliplayer was going to take longer than we expected, so we started working on a content patch to be released in the very near future instead.

I’ve been tweeting about development of the content patch, and posting about it on our youtube channel (links to both in the sidebar) but I figured I might as well do a post here as well since a lot of people still seem to be out of the loop as to the state of the game.

The content patch will be out sometime in the coming weeks, and will be the biggest update we’ve ever done for PA by a pretty large margin.

I’ll be putting a juicy spoilery post about the patch with screeners and vids showing off the new content, along with explanations of how it all works in the near future.

Paranautical Activity Mulitplayer

by Mike

Just a quick update to break the silence. Paranautical Activity multiplayer is definitely a thing that is happening and is the reason for the lack of updates recently. We’ve been really busy trying to get MP working. I wanted to get some sort of video to show for it before I wrote up a post, but it’s been far too long since I’ve posted on here.

The multiplayer patch will be going live before the year anniversary of the game (february 14th) and after that the regular fast pace of updates should resume! :D