What’s wrong with Paranautical Activity?

by Mike

With release approaching, it’s becoming really important to us that we find and fix all the bugs, weird stuff, and broken/unfun things in Paranautical Activity.

Respond below with absolutely anything you think should be changed about the game, and we’ll take it into consideration. If for some reason you don’t want to/can’t use the build in comments, tweet us or send us an email at admin@codeavarice.com.

Help us make Paranautical Activity the best game it can be!

Paranautical Activity Oculus Rift Support!

by Mike

A friend loaned me his Oculus Rift so we could implement the promised Oculus support. I’m only able to test on the DK1, and it’s a little wonky, but it works! We’ll update the game to work with the final version of the Oculus once that becomes available. 

Check out a short stream I did showing off the game running on Oculus.


by Mike

The final content patch is upon us! Huge amount of content added. I say this every time, but it really does feel like a whole new game! A ghost that shows up if you take too long on a floor, gambling machines, and of course more weapons, items, characters, bosses, and more!

Check this trailer for a small taste of the goodies:

And as always full list of changes is as follows:

  • added 3 new bosses

  • added bouncer character

  • added 15 new items

  • added 3 new weapons

  • added superbosses

  • added casino special room

  • added a ghost that shows up and wrecks your shit if you stay on a level too long

  • added secret 8th floor

  • added new final boss fight for the 8th floor

  • added impact sounds for bullets

  • added ambient sounds for bullets

  • added fuse sound to bombs

  • added indicators in the elevators for what floor you’re on to replace the dumb HUD indicator

  • added random character button to character select

  • added vsync option to graphics menu

  • fixed text popup being colored wrong for powerups

  • fixed some superweapons not being centered on item pedastals

  • fixed new powerups not being able to spawn from power of the gods item

  • fixed explosive barrel fire going through platforms

  • fixed map going outside HUD bounds

  • fixed weapons not hitting enemies at point blank range

  • fixed being able to get into rooms without activating them when you have the mushroom powerup

  • fixed the rocket launcher not reloading properly when switching to superweapon

  • fixed being able to overcharge the sickle and crossbow

  • fixed bomb bros leaving behind fantom bombs

  • fixed item descriptions not being sized right after taking mushroom.

  • fixed random exploding sound triggering when entering some floors

  • fixed spawn room retaining early game textures in the late game

  • fixed tenchi and namenlos shooting through objects

  • fixed dynomite having the wrong health stat in character select

  • fixed not being able to pause when you have 0 health with the shell

  • fixed harp item’s strings not matching up to the harp itself.

  • fixed some spinning items not stopping when the game is paused

  • fixed menus being cut off at non-16:9 resolutions

  • fixed stuttering when looking at items for the first time

  • fixed options menus not returning to the root menu when unpausing then pausing again

  • fixed launcher image not being sized correctly

  • fixed scissors item being too low on pedastal and intersecting it

  • fixed coin sound getting ridiculously loud when grabbing lots of coins

  • tweaked plasma balls to make them spawn blood particles when hitting enemies

  • tweaked drop rates

  • tweaked character select to start on different character every time the game is run.

  • tweaked map to center it on player

  • tweaked final boss fight to make it harder

  • tweaked boss health bar to make transitions smoother

  • tweaked special room frequency

  • tweaked special floor frequency

  • tweaked left hand to cause it to stop superweapon ammo from dropping

  • tweaked gileads gun (buff)

  • tweaked mermaid boss (buff)

  • tweaked banshee boss (buff)

  • tweaked can o beans to do poison damage (buff)

  • tweaked hanz pistol (nerf)
  • tweaked bullet physics

  • tweaked HUD to show collected items

  • also a bunch of stuff I probably forgot.

Some PA V1.9 GIFs

by Mike







This will be the final content patch for PA. After that there’ll be the achievement/progression system patch, then one last bugfix/balance patch and it should be done!

Paranautical Achievements

by Mike

If you have any cool ideas for achievements in Paranautical Activity tell us about them!

Achievements in Paranautical Activity will be linked into the progression system. Allowing you to unlock new weapons, classes, items, etc.

Paranautical Activity Slot Machine Showcase

by Mike

Just a little something we’ve been working on for 1.9. 

PA 1.8.1 minipatch

by Mike

Small little patch dropped today. Is live already on most platforms. Should be live shortly on Humble, Groupees, GamersGate, and Desura as well.

The changelog is as follows:

  • fixed floor staying dark when falling through a hole in a dark floor

  • fixed boss health bar staying on screen when falling through a floor during a boss fight

  • fixed mermaid killing herself

  • fixed snail randomly damaging player until they die

  • fixed not returning to menu after credits end

  • fixed the golden scissors powerup removing the scissors item

  • fixed problem that was causing occasional stuttering

  • fixed crosshair showing up in credits

  • fixed occasionally being able to see up into the level after fallingthrough a hole

  • fixed shop corners not touching

  • fixed being able to escape the elevator after sending it to the nextfloor

  • fixed powerups intersecting objects

  • added more fanart to the credits

  • added proper credit for sound effects

  • added davy jones locker item to item pool

  • added unique sounds for each powerup

  • tweaked rocket sound to make it quieter

  • tweaked (SECRET SPOILER) explosive barrels to make themsometimes drop bombs and the blast shield item

  • tweaked special room (armory&trap room) frequency. made themmore rare

Added proper credit for all the sounds we got off freesound.org for PA. We didn’t properly credit them before because I’m an idiot and don’t know what I’m doing. 

Added proper credit for all the sounds we got off freesound.org for PA. We didn’t properly credit them before because I’m an idiot and don’t know what I’m doing. 

Paranautical Activity V1.8 is out NOW! (it’s about time)

by Mike

It took longer than I thought, but it is HUGE. The biggest patch we’ve ever released adds so much content we might as well call it Paranautical Activity 2.

The great log of changes:

  • added 2 new superweapons

  • added 11 new items

  • added 2 new OST tracks

  • added 3 new powerups

  • added 3 new bosses

  • added 2 new enemies

  • added weapon sway

  • added dark floors

  • added bottomless pit floors

  • added armory rooms

  • added trap rooms

  • added 42 new room varieties

  • added pillars

  • fixed firerate being broken when switching between super and

  • regular weapons

  • fixed canobeans?

  • fixed collision errors regarding particle effects and bullets

  • fixed spiders glitching through walls preventing the completion of

  • some bosses

  • fixed being able to escape a room after activating it, locking

  • yourself out

  • nerfed piracy

  • buffed cherry bombs

  • tweaked player icon on map to make it easier to see

  • tweaked david bowie class, added superweapon

  • tweaked tank class, added superweapon

  • tweaked hanz boss item drops

The patch is currently live on most platforms, and should be live in the coming hours everywhere. Just waiting on approval for some sites.

I’m still working with steam to fix the linux version not downloading properly, so it will be a day or so before that’s ready. As always linux users can email us and get a key for the humble version so they can play the game right now. 

I’m getting reports that the linux build is live and functional! It’s a bit buggy, so I’ll have to work on it a bit for next patch, but you should definitely be able to play. :D